Manwel T new release on DubKey

Manwel T returns with another dynamic set of dub remixes. The singers and players on this one are Zion Train (with Lua), Bandulu Dub, John Brown’s Body, Dr. RemiX, General Smiley, and Alpha & Omega (with Haji Mike and Jonah Dan).

Steppers and the usual roots reggae vibes dominate proceedings, but we also get to hear original Studio One DJ General Smiley as musician and rhythm creator on two electronic dancehall tunes, and American band John Brown’s Body with two splendid numbers that highlight their complex rock reggae style perfectly. The melodic instrumental ‘Up 4 Dub’ is a real delight.

The album ends with three versions of Alpha & Omega’s ‘This Is My Prayer’, the first one featuring Haji Mike narrating Psalm 23 in his unique way. ‘Virtual Dub 3’ is another grand Dubkey dub freebie.

Get it for FREE from here!!!



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