Dancehall Reggae Mix 1987

What a year 1987 was for reggae!!! This week’s Outernational Mix could easily be 3 or 4 installments.

Dennis Brown and John Holt teamed up on ‘Wildfire’ – a mellow statement on a lover’s heavy-duty allure. The voices are a perfect match…two seasoned reggae singers sharing the vibes….










Frankie Paul had like 20 releases each month…But ‘Shub In’ was pure magic. Boom tune at so many places and dances.  London was still buzzing, just about with a few ‘Shubeeeeeens’ still rocking the night away. The Dj played tunes from around midnight til morning. It’s so hard to say this, as he has made such a vast amount of music, but this is one of FP’s best 100 tunes 🙂


Half Pint had a monstrous hit with ‘Greetings’ , a track that just lives onand on inna raggamuffin dancehall stylee. Heavenless B-line speeded up a little and Half Pint send salutations to Jah…to and from ALL RAGGAMUFFINS!!!!

The genre name ‘Raggamuffin’  went more manic thematically and temp wise with Horseman’s ‘Horse Move’ . It was a surprising tune topping the reggae charts for week’s on end. It may be easy to dismiss this as a novelty song but tracks like this really set the stage for fast style MC’s. This thought occurred to me years later on Nissi Beach one hot summer’s Friday before heading for the show on Radio Napa. Hearing a UK Garage MC chatting like a horse race commentator recalled Horseman’s classic. There was a dance made up as well – ‘yeeeha!’

Things mellowed with Nitty Gritty and ‘Sweet Reggae Music’, a Jammy’s release that gave the digital vibes a seemingly analogue sound – must have been Nitty’s vocal. Still a big tune on the dancefloor 🙂

Tippa Irie hit the pop charts with ‘Hello Darling’ a kind of version of sorts of an old Matumbi song. This was the anthem of the summer…windows open in cars, boom boxes booming and Tippa doing it live on ‘Top of The Pops’.

Back to the Unity Sound, Kenny Knots and ‘Watch How the People Them Dancing’. The b-line is so simple with bleeps and pips cuttin through like SS Enterprise in Space. Many a day was spent by this Selector in Regal Records by the speaker box with  this tune bubbling away…So much so one day Kenny Knots was standing next to me singing the chorus…Its the kind of track that makes you want to build a sound system…

All this, with a few forward ever wheel and come agains can be downloaded from here

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