Outernational – 4th Week September 2011

  This week a completely different format…which time permitting I will try to update with every radio show. So here’s the tunes for this week:

1. Get Flat – Manwel T – from his new free download release Virtual Dub Vol 4 which you can download from here. Always good to hear from the bredren Manwel T. And makes a fine start to this week’s show

2. I am not sure how I missed this in 2009, must be my hectic lifestyle. Sister Carol remains one of the finest MC’s for me and ‘Dread Natty Congo’ bounces along in an irresistible style. Great video clip as well!

3, 4 and 5-  Lovers Rock, so difficult to define but so sweet to dance to as couples 🙂 I chose three of the finest in a back to back fashion this week. Bands from the UK had some names that made them sound so, how can I say it, bureaucratic. The Aministrators ‘This Is Reggae Music’ is a mellow medley of classic reggae gems. I don’t usually play medleys on the show, but this is so outstanding….hmmmm hmmmmmm!

Only Carroll Thompson could get away with doing this I feel. ‘Natural Woman’ by the original Queen of Soul Aretha Franklyn sounds sweet in a lovers rock stylee.

Lovers Rock or Lovers has never really gone away. A whole generation of people in the UK, the 40 +’ers have always stood by this kind of music. Some dismiss it in the roots reggae fraternity for being too lightweight and mono thematic. But there is in my humble opinion, a time and a place for all kinda of reggae music to be shared, heard and appreciated. And let’s be pragmatic, as much as I don’t really like bashment, I would like most people probably nod my head to it in a club. But with Lovers, I could sit down at home and play it to relax or drive around in the car with the vocals of Carroll to accompany my journey.

Third choice in the Lovers selection this week is a real rewind it at least 5 times kind of tune, The Investigators (who had nothing to do with the CID) ‘Baby I’m Yours’. It’s just the way it starts, da da da!!! and that first line drops in, ‘Baby I’m Yours’. What a tune!!!!

6. Manwel T is my featured artist for this week and the second tune off ‘Virtual Dub 4’ is ‘World Of Sorrow’. The title sums up all the runnings in the world this week, threats by mighty over countries, unpaid debts in the trillions, and a world full of sorrow and hypocrisy.

7,8,9…Often I do a version excursion on Outernational, but this week I did something different. There are hundreds of versions of ‘Satta Massagana’ and as much as I would love to play most of them back to back, it would only be appreciated by the reggae trainspotters brigade. So here are 3 versions by The Abyssinians, ‘Mabrak’ – the spoken rasta word; ‘Mandela Version’ – blow those horns;and the original inna studio 1 stylee. I love the rhetoric of this song and the mysterious allure of the lines:

“There is a land, far far away

Where there’s no night,

There’s only day’

10. Dub Caravan, my good friend ‘Mr DC’ has unleashed a solo released called ‘Nomadic Fusions’. Its more world/ambient than reggae and is outstanding throughout. Imagine yourself in the hills listening to this on headphones. I love the track ‘Passage of The Dunes’ featuring that wicked melodica player Shaky Norman. Definitely one of my favourite instrumental tracks of 2011 thus far. Check out Dub Caravan’s web page here

11. From Dub new to Dub that never ages. King Tubby is for me the Dub Master. I could play him day and night. ‘Burial Dub’ has the grit and weight of a skip loaded with rain soaked earth. Mighty!

12. Rasta by Rico is a nice bubbling tune. I like to hear this while writing, it keeps my mind focused and my soul elated. Blow Mr. Hornsman Blow!

13. Something new but sounding old and timeless is how I would describe Solomon Jabby’s ‘Train To Glory’ and you can get it as a free download from here  Great graphics on the web site!!!

14. It must be nice to be able to phone up Rohan Marley, record the conversation and then fly the vox into a tune. Skull is from Korea, not known for its reggae MC’s but I quiet like this tune called ‘Korean Reggae’. Showing yet again how Outernational reggae music is and will always be. Big Up!

15. Don Carlos remains a favourite vocalist by this scribe and ‘The Vibe Is Right’ blends so well with the last tune so just had to play it 🙂 Not to be confused with a similarly named track by Barrington Levy.

16. Last but by no means least a third tune by Manwel T – Plastic City Dub – is a bubbling steppers tune. Love it!!!!

Give thanks for tuning in more music and scribing next week!

Outernational Radio Show Times:

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