Outernational Radio Show with Haji Mike 5th Week September 2011

Greetings and welcome to this week’s Outernational, a show that brings you reggae music from all over the world.Starting off the set this week,  Tamasha Roots are from France and the tune is called ‘L’Homme – this one also has a great video clip – click here

This is the man who it is said, accidentally invented dub music.  King Tubby, The Dub Master, the man who lived by the philosophy of  don’t get too much equipment…. just make the best with what u have. This tune is called ‘Rude Boy Dub’ from the release ‘The Roots of Dub’

As pioneer’s in the Greek reggae scene, THC Sound System have been spinning vinyls for 25 years.  This Sunday October 2nd they will be celebrating this inna fine reggae style at Cafe Iboglikamies in Athens with Rankin Johnny, Collie Youth, Dread Power and guests… including I hear the one and only Ragga Princess Volcanita. Next tune is a special request from me to THC…Babylon Time!

Stepping back to Jamaica in the 1970’s, this is Earth and Stone, featuring Philip Fraser, ‘Back To Africa’….and it’s a fact…Check this great interview on Earth & Stone from Reggae Vibes here

I quiet like this next one…It’s something new from Mr Bassie, Vlastur, in Greece, EPANOMI to be released soon on the Portuguese label  Ajnavision Recordings. Check out Vlastur Dub Hypnosis on Facebook

A couple of tunes now back to back in the mix on the subjects of War and Peace, themes that have dominated mankind from creation. ‘War’ from The Wailing Souls and Ranking Trevor, ‘No More Tribalism’ Daddy U-Roy and the solution ‘Peace & Love’ from The Royals.

Now this is the original Blackheart Man, the title tune from Bunny Wailer’s first solo LP. This is considered as one of his best albums, as the legendary singer once said:

“ Blackheart Man is really an exceptional album, as to the valuation of the message and the amount of people who have received that message and have made themselves better people through them lives within the spiritual and cultural settings that the Blackheart Man exhibits” run it….

I saw this great photo with a young sister the other day online, she was carrying a placard saying ‘One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich’. And as Peter Tosh says ‘The Poor Man A Feel It’

Brand new and truly good for you, this is Dub Caravan off his latest release Nomadic Fusions, tune called Sacred Place. This one gives me spiritual goose bumps 🙂

Going back to the top of the show, this is Tamasha Roots who make dub, reggae and roots music out of France ‘Un Style’. Give thanks to Tamasha Roots for the music…

We haven’t  played any sisters on this week’s show, so this is one of the finest voices out of Jamaica, Etana and a tune called Retribution.

We are finishing off with something different…The Clash Bank Robber – a-side and then you shake your hip and play the flip with Mikey Dread on the mic. This for me is The Clash at their ruffest, with such an original chorus line.

Til more time, stay blessed, this is Haji Mike, dub scribe and Outernational broader than broadway broadcaster signing out!

Outernational Radio Show Times:

Friday BigUp Radio at the following times 5am, 11am, 5pm, 11pm EST or 9am, 3am, 9pm, 11pm Cyprus Time! Tune in click here

Sunday Astra Radio 92.8 FM 11pm-midnight – click here

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