Outernational Radio Session – 6th October 2011

Greetings and welcome to this week’s selections, Outernational is the name reggae music worldwide is the aim. We’re taking off with some brand new tunes, the first of which is is an EP from Chezidek, this is the title track ‘More Trees’! Witness Chezidek live in the studio here

This is EP from Chezidek is so good that we’re going to play another one selecta, featuring Gentleman in a smooth lovers style, “Don’t You” awooooah – such a sweet tune.

Now  in my humble opinion it is very hard to surpass an original vocal by the late Michael Jackson, many have tried but few have succeeded. One of the best version’s of a Jackson however  was ‘Good Thing Going’ by the late great Sugar Lincoln Granulated Minott –which leads me to pose another question – how can any one surpass that version. Well Taurus Riley, comes very close….

Moving on to some dubwise, this is The Drogenbwoys with a release called ‘Drogenbwoys meets the online Dub Family’ two tunes back to back in the mix Shan a Shan meets the bwoys from Drogen on  “rebel River Dub” and  a collab by the Boyz with Dub Revolution  ‘Foggy Road’.

Going over now to the other side of the world, at least from where I am here in the Med and Middle East, this is Marty Dread from Haiku, Hawaii and a beautiful tune called ‘It sometimes rains in Paradise” smooooooove!    

It has been a while since we heard from Lutan Fyah, he has a new release out called New Day, this tune is called “Nuh Bokkle Nuh Bruk” It has a very eery feel, spooky, haunting…reality and peace lyrics combined….

Going back now with some roots revival pressure Max Romeo ‘Macabee Version’, ‘Solomon’ by Prince Heron and ‘Another Dub’ from The Mighty Cloud Band.

Returning to the new releases, this a great tune from Chezidek called ‘Sun or  Rain’ and ‘Late Night Special’ Marty Dread with Nara Boone.

Staying with the combinations this Albarosie with the sweet expressive vocals of Etana and ‘You Make Me Feel Good’

We are finishing off with El Bib meets the DrogenBoyzzzz….til more time…one love….



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One thought on “Outernational Radio Session – 6th October 2011

  1. Monika says:

    Nice stuff over here….Big Up!!!!!!!

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