Princess Love on Outernational Radio Show

Princess Love is a Jamaican  poet who has been performing since 2001.Image Her poetry contains strong conscious messages on a variety of important issues in society. Her recent song ‘No To Drugs’ was produced by the legendary Bunny Wailer – a poem which she also performs live on this show. I linked up with Princess Love at The International Reggae Conference held at The University of West Indies, MONA Campus, Kingston, Jamaica in Feb this year. Its a beautiful campus….Image

This edition of ‘Outernational’ also features plenty of new music. My good friend Dub Caravan has teamed up with Hornsman Coyote for a delicious sounding double slice of vinyl wax called ‘Breath of Peace’. As expected this a top quality vocal and instrumental dub LP. More info from

Horace Andy – its always a pleasure to play any Horace tune on the air. He has a timeless and very characteristic  voice and generally whenever any one has remixed him I have tended to prefer the originals. However now comes Horace Andy over some ‘Broken Beatz’ styles. I have never been a big fan of these new categorizations that emerged out of different parts of the sprawling metropolis known as London but this set actually does  contain some wonderful interpolations of classic Horace Andy tunes. Purists may not agree…but for those with an open mind and ear…its worth checking in my view…

Also on the show tunes new tracks from Chronixx, Jah 9, rock steady revival pressure from Joe Gibbs label and a wise  and very pertinent message from Manu Chao…’Politiks Kills’…I could not think of a more timely tune for Cyprus these days….

Click below for a Free Download of this edition of ‘Outernational’

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