Outernational Radio show mixed and selected by Haji Mike – Augustus 3 features :

1.”Soon Come” Shy FX feat Liam Bailey
2. “War” U-Roy feat Chezidek
3. “Fu Man Chou” – Desmond Dekker
4. “Fu Man Chou” – The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra feat Bitty McLean
5.”Away with your fussing & fighting” – Jnr Delgado & Hugh Mundell
6. “Weed Out Vampires” – Cornell Campbell
7. “Most I” – Chronixx
8. “Borderline” – U-Roy feat Chezidek
9. “Pray Fi Di People” – U-Roy
10. Love My Audio (remix) – J-Boog
11. “No Look Back” Raging Fyah
12. “Follow Fashion” – Misty In Roots
13. “Rasta Got Soul” – Fatan Mojah
14. “Karma” – Masicka
15. “Ninja Mi Ninja” – Ninjaman
16. “Babylon Is Burning” – Kelissa
17. “Empress Menen” Delmighty feat Nish Wadada

some thoughts and ramblings on the tunes

I do like some of these new tunes. Shy FX feat Liam Bailey especially. It has that old skool sound to it that makes you want to string up the speakers and feel the bass lines a little more. U-Roy has been a huge inspiration for me since day one. I even met the great Microphone Controller backstage once at a gig in Brixton. He passed by my room where I was rehearsing, stood at the doorway and said to my mate Tony Roberts ‘hmmm, him sound good’ and went on his way. There you have it a thumbs up from U-Roy, that must have been around 1992 and I no matter what any one else says I will never put down the mic for as long as I breathe. ‘Fu Man Chou” the original is a timeless classic by Desmond Dekker and the recent cover by The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra feat Bitty McLean cuts it very nice. Chronixx is having a great year taking the Zinc Fence sound to the world, I look forward to more stuff from this youth. You can always tell when some one is always touring, they hardly release new stuff and looks like Chronixx will be on the road for a whole. J-Boog remix care of my very good bredren Ces One is sweet! I won’t go through all the tunes, but “Ninja Mi Ninja” by the Don Gourgon himself is rocking and I can’t stop playing it and singing the chorus.  It’s an act of defiance…imagine sitting in a meeting with your boss who is about to announce a 15% pay cut to you and you just chant “Ninja Mi Ninja” try it out…Ninjaman is like them old batteries, what was it Duracell…Some MC’s never die….

Mixed live using Virtual DJ Pro

More info on Outernational @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/outernationalradioshow/


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